First post

Hello everyone, welcome to the first post of my blog!

My name is Susie and I’m originally from Hungary but I’ve been living in the Philippines for the last 2 and a half years.

I’ve always loved writing and blogging and I’ve always wanted to try video blogging as well so finally I decided to open up this blog together with my new YouTube channel.

I just got started and I’m sure it will take some time before I figure out what kind of content I enjoy making the most because there’s a lot I would like to share. So I don’t really want to put my blog and channel in any specific category.

But sure since I’m in this exciting country with a lot of possibilities to travel, with a lot of interesting and new things to see and experience – travelling will surely take a big part of this blog and an even bigger part of my YouTube channel.

There are lots of places and events here in the Philippines that I’m planning to visit this year and I’ll bring my vlogging camera with me to all of those trips for sure.

And here I’m always going to upload extra information, photos, advices and stories about my trips that I didn’t mention in my videos.

But besides all of that I’ll definitely upload content about all the other things I love such as cosplay, reviews of my favourite beauty products, DIYs, maybe even cooking and just simply content about things I experience and I would like to share with you.

And how did it went so far?

I was sooo nervous before my first vlog… I literally had the biggest stage fright of my life even tough I was only talking to my camera. As a result of course I feel like I’m being really awkward in that video I didn’t know what to say or how to say it…

It’s really funny to see that a big part of my footage is just me staring at the camera and thinking, fixing my hair, trying to talk, staring again…. Sure these things didn’t really make it to the actual video .

The second time I was a lot more relaxed it already got easier and I really enjoyed it. I’m sure I’ll get used to it fast.

This vlogging thing is actually a pretty good confidence booster to be honest. Because now I’m just thinking – you know what who cares? This is me, this is how I look like, this is my voice, my accent and everything… and yes these first videos are not the best yet but whatever, this is me and I’m so going to put this on youtube and just have fun.

So that’s it for this quick first post I’m already uploading some other posts and my first video is also on my Youtube channel.

If you would like to come along in this journey with me, it would be a huge help if you would follow this blog and subscribe to my channel!

There’s a lot I would like to share with you, so see you again very soon!


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