Disney on Ice Manila – Philippines

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Disney on Ice in Manila at the beginning of this year I just wanted to wait before uploading this blog post until my vlog was on my YouTube channel about this day – and now finally it is!

You can check our day in Mall of Asia and some footage of the show there, and here I would like to share some extra information and detail with you about this amazing show.
Disney on Ice Philippines | Vlog

disneyoniceDisney on ice is an Ice skating show touring around the world produced under the agreement of Disney. (If you would like to know if your country is part of the stops of the show you can check it here: https://www.disneyonice.com/international ) 

Even though I love Disney I’ve never heard about Disney on Ice before probably because they have never organized any of their shows in my home country before.

But luckily it’s being held in the Philippines every year from late December until early January. Since I’ve never been to DisneyLand yet it was the perfect opportunity to experience the magic of Disney.

Ice skating or ice dancing is amazing to watch on it’s own but combining it with Disney characters and Disney songs is just pure magic.

The show includes some scenes or in some cases “short versions” of Disney (and some Pixar) stories through their iconic songs with beautifully choreographed ice dance and acting. this2

The exact show we watched (The wonderful world of Disney on Ice) included The Lion King, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Aladdin, Tangled, The little mermaid as the first part of the show and Finding Dory, Toy Story and a pretty long part of Frozen as the 2nd half of the show.
Of course Mickey Mouse and his friends were present as well.

The tickets are priced differently depending on the seats.
A good advice if you would like to attend the show – buy your tickets as early as possible. Even tough there are several dates and different times each day it’s always full and the best seats will run out fast.

We choose the last day of the show here in the Philippines but the arena was still full and the tickets for the closest seats were sold out a few weeks after the tickets were released.
But luckily our seats were close enough and I realised that the part where we were sitting was one of the best seats to be during the show.

If it’s too close to the stage you won”t see the full choreography but if it’s too far you won’t see the faces of the actors and all the small details. But being between the two it was just perfect.
We arrived more than one hour earlier to the Mall of Asia arena – luckily, because it took quite  a while to get in and look around the merchandises, buy snacks and find our seats. If we went later the place would have been too crowded to comfortably look around. So if you attend a show like this it’s a good idea to go a bit earlier than you would think it’s necessary.

The merchandises mostly focused on kids since they are the main target of the show but I still managed to get a few things for myself.

An iconic Disney on Ice drink with an adorable Frozen mug and a little flag from my favourite Disney story, Tangled I’m soooo happy for those!
Of course there were a lot of kids in the arena but it was not at all annoying they actually made the show even better by being so excited and screaming from happiness when Queen Elsa appeared on the stage.
The first hour of the show featured a longer part of The Lion king and Aladdin and a somewhat shorter part of Show White, Tangled and the Little mermaid. It ended with a beautiful dance with all the Disney princesses and princes on the stage, even those who didn’t get their own part in the show.

After a 15 minutes break they continued with two Pixar stories: Finding dory and Toy story then ended the show with Frozen. Frozen got the longest part of all since it’s one of the most popular Disney stories.
It’s also one of my favourites so of course I didn’t mind it being longer than the others. Mostly because it was one of the best parts of the night. The whole show was really detailed, creative and beautiful with all the colourful costumes and props but the most beautiful was obviously Frozen with the snow pouring down from the top of the arena to the stage creating a true winter like feeling.

Everything was just so so amazing! I was so excited and happy that I teared up when the show started and I felt the same feeling the whole time probably that’s why it felt so quick even though it was a 2 hour long show.

I just can’t wait for this years’s show there’s no way that I’ll miss it. Everyone who is a fan of Disney or just simply enjoys live shows will surely love it.

Thanks for reading it until the end! Have you ever been to Disney on Ice? Or are you planning to go? you can share your experience or questions about it in the comments here or on Youtube.

And see you next time!



3 thoughts on “Disney on Ice Manila – Philippines

    1. Hi Liza,
      We were sitting in the Lower Box (usually referred as lower box A at concerts I think) at section 204.
      I think it was the perfect choice, since the Lower Box is close enough to the stage to see everything well and to see the face expression of the actors. But it’s far enough to be able to see the different dance formations.
      In my opinion it’s also better to choose a seat on the long side of the stage. You will be able to see a lot more than if you would sit exactly opposite to the stage on the short side.
      I hope it helped have fun in December! 😊


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