Minalungao National Park Philippines

Hello everyone!

Not so long ago we visited this beautiful National Park in Nueva Ecija province in the Philippines.

My vlog about our day at Minalungao:


We’ve been planning to visit for a while but somehow it never happened.
Based on other people’s experience it’s not a good idea to visit at the weekends because the place gets very crowded on those days.
Some years ago not much people knew about this hidden park but lately it’s quite a popular tourist destination.
7So we always avoided going on the weekends which seemed to be a great idea.
We choose a Monday for our visit and luckily we could enjoy the beauty of the park without a crowd. Our tour guide confirmed  the fact that on Saturdays and Sundays the place is usually crazy crowded which will make the trip not too enjoyable.
An other thing is that it’s also not the best time to visit Minalungao during the rainy season or after any bigger rain. The otherwise beautifully clear water that is the main attraction of the place gets muddy after rain.

But finally it was the perfect time for us to visit on a sunny Monday.
The entrance fee to the park is 5o peso per head, I will list some other expenses at the end of the post.

There’s a possibility to hire a tour guide and luckily we did, because without him it would have been hard to find all the attractions.
There are some other activities besides relaxing at the side of the beautiful turquoise coloured river.

Such as a trip to a cave, walking trough a hang3ing bridge, a long (and really tiring ) trip trough 1ooo steps of stairs leading to a monument, zip lining and of course swimming or just relaxing on a boat in the middle of the river.
It’s a perfect one day activity to have a nice tour but we are also planning to have a relaxing day there next time without touring and just relaxing at the water.

What I really liked about this place is that it’s not like the usual tourist spots where there’s too many buildings and shops- the landscape is really unspoiled and natural here. But it’s also not that disconnected from civilisation so you can still buy some food, water or other things if you need.

Some other expenses besides the entrance fee:
Zip line: 1oo peso per head
Food: 5o-1oo peso for a meal
Boat renting: Around 5oo peso
Tour guide: They don’t have an actual fee just give as much as you think.

If you have any question please comment here or on YouTube!
Do you have any recommendations what other places should I visit next?

See you very soon!



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