Beautiful beach in the Philippines

Hello everyone!

Last time I travelled to a beautiful beach in Dingalan – Aurora which is located in Central northern Luzon here in the Philippines.
You can check my video about it here:
WANDERLUST | Beautiful hidden beach of the Philippines

It was not the first time I visited this beach and I love going back since every time we are there it’s almost like we are having our very own private beach.
It’s never too crowded even in the hot season and it’s also not rare to find parts of the beach completely empty.
Such a perfect place to relax!

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.38.56 AM
I really wanted to try making a different kind of video this time instead of the regular vlogs. So I made this shorter music video and I had a lot of fun filming and editing it!

Tomorrow we’re visiting Dingalan once again to explore more around the area – what else to see besides the beautiful beach.
So next week I’ll be uploading a vlog about it, and post some more information about Dingalan here.
But until then I hope you will enjoy this video!

See you very soon!


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