Boating on the ocean: Dingalan – Aurora Philippines

Hello guys!

Last week we visited Dingalan – Aurora again to explore more around the area so here’s a more detailed post about this beautiful place as I promised.

I’ve been to Dingalan about 5 times before but I only visited the same spot over and over again. I really like that beach but I didn’t even know there’s so much more to explore and that there are even more beautiful places right besides our usual spot.
I knew that there supposed to be a light house somewhere in Dingalan so we were aiming to find that this time.
It turned out there’s a whole bunch of activities you can do there such as boating on the ocean, hiking in the mountains, visiting waterfalls and a lot more!

We arrived to a little bay where we could park, luckily it’s a safe parking, we didn’t have to worry about anything getting stolen while we were away.
At a little booth we could sign up for different activities.
I’ll list all the possibilities with prices at the end of this post.

We choose to visit the light house and nearby beach this time since that was our primary destination.
As I know it’s not possible to reach these places with car or motorcycle so we had to ride a boat.
It was such a special experience to me, I mean it’s not every day that you can boat on the middle of the ocean!
The boat we ride was only ours so we could go and come back anytime we wanted. It was approximately 15-20 minutes ride. And it was so much fun! The water is so beautifully clear and blue there and it really was a new and exciting experience.


The beach where we arrived was really amazing as well. Beautiful rock formations, smooth sand, special looking shells everywhere. So different than the other nearby beaches.

And the best thing – almost no people at all! Even though it was Saturday it was not crowded at all – this is the perfect place to relax.

First we had a trip to the lighthouse which turned out to be a very tiring hike in the mountains. We went through the forest and mud, rocks, sometimes we had to climb nearly vertically. It was extremely exhausting mostly because we were not prepared for it. Comfortable  (and not slippery) shoes and tons of water are musts for this trip.
But the view waiting for us on the top at the light house was really worth it. We could see the beach and the mountains and if we turned we could see the endless Pacific Ocean.
It was probably the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen.

After this big trip it was so nice to relax on the beach. I could easily spend a whole day just on the beach without going anywhere else.
Since I’m here in the Philippines it was my most “exotic” experience. I mean this is what I imagined the Philippines to be before I came here. I’ve been to many beautiful places here but this peaceful beach, the clear water, the little sea creatures we’ve found was everything I imagined before.
We are already planning another trip there and this time we’ll be more prepared and spend more time, maybe even two days on the beach.
We still have to visit the waterfalls and a lot more after all.

Another thing I would like to mention is that people are sooo friendly here! People in the Philippines are very friendly and kind in general but I could feel it even more here.
Unknown people were saying good afternoon or wishing us a nice day, the owner of the little huts you can rent let us use one for free and so on…it’s so different here than some of the typical tourist spots.

Here are the list of activities you can sign up for, and some other expenses during the trip:
Environmental fee when you enter the bay: 50 peso per head
Parking fee: 1o peso

Boating to the beach where you can visit the light house : 800 peso for a boat (1-4 people) 
Hut renting on the beach for a day: 300 peso
Visiting the Lamao caves on boat : additional 5oo peso per boat
Tour to the waterfalls with tour guide : 500 peso 
(Tour guide to the lighthouse: Don’t have a fee just give some tip as much as you think)

I’m very excited to go back and see the waterfalls, the caves and just to spend more time on this beautiful beach.
You can check my vlog about our day at Dingalan here:
BOATING ON THE OCEAN Dingalan – Aurora Philippines Vlog
If you have any other questions about this place please comment here or under my YouTube video.

And see you very soon!


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