Nature Republic Argan Essential Moist Hair Mist – Review

Hello guys!

This week I had a nice time shopping in Manila (vlog about my day here) especially in the Korean beauty section and besides some new finds I had to pick up this hair mist again after finishing my first bottle lately.
This is the best hair product I’ve ever tried! I was happy to get one again because since my first bottle run out my hair was back to being a disaster.

My hair is naturally wavy and it’s very thin so it gets damaged and dry easily. It’s also very hard to tame it, my baby hairs are usually all over and it’s just a fizzy chaos.
So I was curious to try out this hair mist since it was promising that:
“This hair mist turns dry and fizzy hair into smooth and shine by instantly providing moisture to hair.”

It’s a very simple brown spray bottle honestly I wouldn’t mind something more fancy or cute but it seems this is the natural style of Nature Republic.
But what matters is that it’s easy to get the product out to the hair  you can spray out the exact amount you need straight to the hair.

Smell and consistency: 

It has a very natural and mild, kind of citrusy smell. It smells really fresh but nothing too strong and the smell goes away during the day.
It’s a milky looking liquid that foams up if you shake the bottle but after spraying it on the hair it dries faster than regular water.
What I love about it is that it doesn’t leave the hair feeling oily or greasy it completely disappeared once it’s dry leaving the hair smooth and silky.


It does exactly what the bottle says and even more! As soon as it’s sprayed on to my hair it makes the fizziness go away.
It will make my wavy messy hair easy to brush trough and will leave it smooth and soft. It’s a lot easier to tame the little baby hairs with this product on and it also gives a nice shine to the hair.
For my dry hair it works better than any hair conditioner keeping it moist.
But what is important to know is that the effect only lasts until the product is actually on the hair, after washing it off it needs to be re applied. I spray it on every morning for the best effect because it doesn’t have any long term effect, as soon as I stopped using it my hair was back to being dry and fizzy.

One thing that I don’t like about it is that it runs out too quick. The first bottle lasted less than a month for me with daily use so for people with longer hair it might run out even faster. But I still think it worth the price since it literally did magic to my hair!

If you have similar hair type like me I would definitely recommend getting a bottle of this hair moist mist because it’s a must have for me!
Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it!

Do you have any recommendations what should I try next?

In a few days I’ll post a review about a new product I got from Nature Republic, the Botanical Green Tea Dual Concealer.
So see you very soon!


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